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Pioneering in Eco-production and made in the UK, Etrala London designs high-end limited and ethical collections. Each piece is handmade in London using 100% natural fabrics, such as pure silk, British wool and organic cotton. The company uses a “Slow Fashion Concept” and only produces as per demand to reduce surplus stock and wastage. Each piece is manufactured with a focus on delivering the highest quality standards possible.


ETRALA comes from AL ARTE -POR AMOR AL ARTE- a Spanish phrase backwards. The name is a new word, innovative and international.

The Spanish couple Maria & Emilio are co-founders of Etrala London.


In 2011, they decided to combine their career paths and move to London to achieve their dream of starting up their own fashion label.


Maria studied Environmental Engineering at University and Fashion Design master at IED Madrid (2011).  


She also loves to paint on canvas and her acrylic and oil paintings are available on  


Emilio graduated with a Business Degree, followed by an MBA at IE Business School. With deeply entrepreneurial spirits, they have always aimed to set up their own brand in the luxury sector. Follow our day to day on @MariaEtrala.


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